Who we are

Ingeoexpert is an online training centre, specialized in Civil Engineering, Geology, Environmental Science, Architecture and Mining.

Our main priority is to suit our students’ needs by adapting and updating our courses in a continuous way and covering every technical topic. To do this, we offer a wide range of specific, high level and practical courses that enable our students to improve their skills and progress within their professional career and studies.

We aim for excellence in everything we do. Therefore, due to our exceptional faculty, ranging from University professors and highly experienced professionals, we provide our students with high quality technical courses.

For us, the student satisfaction is the main objective. Consequently, we take care of even the smallest details in every phase: from professor’s selections, to the structure and management of each course, so that studying in our centre ends up being a delightful travel towards a brilliant professional and personal future.


Our professors and collaborators

Kristian Krabbenhoft

Kristian Krabbenhoft

Chair of Geomechanics, University of Liverpool

Kristian Krabbenhoft received his MSc and PhD from the Technical University of Denmark in 2000 and 2003 respectively. He then joined the University of Newcastle, Australia before moving to the University of Liverpool, UK where he currently holds the Chair of Geomechanics. He has held visiting positions at a number of universities including Ecole Polytechnique and ENS (France), DTU (Denmark), Caltech (USA), and Tsinghua University (China). His research interests include theoretical and computational geomechanics, off-shore geotechnics, and constitutive modelling.

Bapon Fakhruddin

Bapon Fakhruddin

Senior Specialist, DRR and Climate Resilience

Dr Fakhruddin is an expert climate change risk assessor with 15 years’ global experience in working on disaster risk and climate resilience projects. This experience is a major advantage in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy development. His key areas of expertise are climate and hydrological assessment, early warning and emergency response, climate change adaptation, and capacity building. Dr Fakhruddin designed early warning and emergency response projects more than 30 countries in Asia and the Pacific. Dr Fakhruddin is currently advising the Government of Samoa on potential adaption strategies for dealing with the country’s vulnerability to climate change and enhancing its resilience to hydrological disaster and student supervisor in the University of Auckland. He is a Science Committee Member of IRDR of ICSU/UNISDR, Co-Chair for the Disaster Loss DATA and Risk Interpretation and Applications (RIA) Working Group of IRDR of ICSU/UNISDR. He is also Co-Chair CODATA task group Linked Open Data for Global Disaster Risk Research (LODGD) and PSG member of the Coastal Inundation Forecasting Demonstration Project (CIFDP) of WMO.

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

GIS Web developer and Instructor

Mike Miler’s educational background was in Wildlife Biology but he has been programming database applications for over 30 years and GIS applications for over 20 years. Most of his professional career has been spent working in small to medium sized environmental consulting firms in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where he enjoyed the challenge of solving a seemingly infinite number of geospatial questions. While most of his career has been spent working with commercial software, a recent focus on web application development lead him to open source GIS software and he never looked back.

Corine Prieto

Corine Prieto

Senor Geoscientist and Managing Director at VIDL Network™

Senor Geoscientist and Managing Director; she brings to VIDL Network over 40 years of diverse experience. Having worked on both sides of the client/consultant partnership and serves on University College of Science Advisory Board, she brings a unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen. Her approach incorporates an integration of multiple sciences in the evaluation process and draws on her extensive domestic and international background. Her former corporate affiliations include The Superior Oil Company and Mobil Oil Corporation. She holds a Bachelors degree in physics and mathematics from the University of Texas El Paso, USA and a Masters degree in applied physics from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. She holds Professional Geoscientist license.

Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander

Geophysical Advisor at VIDL Network

Michael Alexander brings to the VIDL Network over
50 years of global geophysical experience in both onshore and offshore petroleum exploration. His early career was spent on a seismic field crews; he then transitioned into seismic interpretation and data processing. Now, his major professional interest is in the field of gravity and magnetic interpretation with particular emphasis on the integration of potential field data with seismic and geologic control. His former corporate affiliation included Exxon Corporation. He holds a Professional Degree as a Geophysical Engineer from Colorado School of Mines, USA. He holds Professional Geoscientist license.

Leonardo Dorador

Leonardo Dorador

Geotechnical Engineer at Advanced Earth Sciences Inc

Mr. Dorador is a PhD in Geological Engineering at the University of British Columbia, holding a BSc in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Geotechnical Engineering at The University of Chile. He has 10+ consulting/academic experience in Chile, Canada and USA, mostly in geotechnical characterization of coarse grained materials and rocks, and slope stability, dams and embankment design. His background includes a knowledge of standardized and non-standardized laboratory testing on soils, rocks and soil-rock mixtures. Author/co-author of 18 technical papers and a book chapter about geotechnical characterization of coarse-grained materials, large triaxial testing, particle breakage and caved rock characterization in underground mining.


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